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What is Guild Games? Discovering New GameFi Trends

What is Guild Games? We will discuss the issues they address, how they operate, their various roles, and highlight some popular Guild Games that have taken the gaming world by storm.

What is Guild Games?

Gaming Guilds can be likened to gaming groups, essentially serving as communities where individuals can exchange, support, and share experiences related to one or more games across various media platforms like Facebook and Discord. Traditional gaming communities such as those for League of Legends, FIFA Online 4, on Discord, or Facebook are likely familiar to gamers.

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What is Guild Games?

In the GameFi market, Gaming Guilds share some similarities. As the market experienced significant growth and the emergence of numerous Blockchain game projects, Gaming Guilds became essential in connecting, building, and supporting the gaming community.

It's undeniable that the fundamental nature of Gaming Guilds in both markets is quite similar, with both aiming to benefit gamers, foster a sense of community, promote entertainment, and embrace the spirit of e-sports. However, to a certain extent, Blockchain Game Guilds play a distinct and more prominent role when compared to traditional Gaming Guilds.

What Issue Do Guild Games Address?

As Play2Earn games gain popularity, the expense of acquiring the necessary NFTs increases since many of these games necessitate their purchase.

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Is this not excessive for just the game's starter pack? This is precisely the issue that GameFi guilds seek to address. Guilds bring together both investors and players for mutual benefit. Investors looking to profit from Play2Earn games can do so by acquiring NFTs and other in-game assets. If NFT holders no longer have the time or desire to play or find themselves no longer in need of specific assets, they can sell them to players through guilds and continue to maximize their earnings potential.

On the other hand, most prospective players are unlikely to be willing to spend $300 to play the game. Instead, newcomers can borrow assets from the guild in the form of a "stipend," which essentially means that players are provided with specific NFTs of characters or items for in-game use.

However, this doesn't imply that guild members are exempt from paying NFT rental fees to the guild. In exchange for these NFTs, players are typically required to contribute a percentage of their future earnings to the guild. Additionally, some games allow players to "level up" their NFTs while playing, increasing the potential profits from these assets.

In such cases, guild members might invest substantial time in playing and enhancing the rented NFT, only to return it when they no longer need it. This setup provides guilds with a dual benefit, as it generates income while also building a portfolio of more powerful assets through NFT rentals.

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How Do Guild Games Operate?

Guild Games operates on blockchain technology, utilizing smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to create a seamless gaming experience. These platforms often have their native tokens or assets, which players can use to participate in various activities, from gaming to investing.

Guild Games

Roles of Guild Games

Guild Games serve various roles, bridging the gap between gaming, blockchain, and GameFi. Let's delve into these roles in more detail:

Connecting Communities

Guild Games serve as a bridge between fragmented gaming communities, bringing players together on a single platform. This fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among gamers, enhancing the gaming experience.

Bridging Gamers with Blockchain and Crypto

By integrating blockchain technology, Guild Games introduces gamers to the world of cryptocurrency. Players can earn blockchain-based assets within the game, expanding their knowledge of blockchain and crypto.

Linking Players with GameFi Projects

GameFi (Game Finance) projects are on the rise, and Guild Games serve as a gateway for players to discover and invest in these projects. This connection empowers players to participate in the broader GameFi ecosystem.

Connecting Investors with the GameFi Market

Investors can find promising GameFi projects within Guild Games, providing them with opportunities to support and invest in projects with real potential.

The Future of Guild Games

The Future of Guild Games

The role of Guild Games in the present gaming landscape cannot be denied. Alongside games and NFTs, Guild Games play a significant part in advancing the GameFi industry. Guild Games serve as a gateway to attract new players to the world of GameFi.

According to U2U, this is the most crucial mission for Guild Games in the future. After DeFi and NFTs, GameFi perhaps represents the trend that attracts the most non-crypto users. This holds significance for the entire crypto industry and the gaming sector specifically.

The more Guild Games that are established, the more diverse audiences can access the world of Blockchain Gaming. In the current work-from-home economy, the potential for Guild Games to thrive is substantial.

Guild Games can also immerse themselves in the world of the Game Metaverse

One of the exciting aspects of Blockchain Games is their composability, the ability for games to interact seamlessly through code, a feat challenging to achieve in traditional gaming where numerous agreements and contracts are needed.

Guild Games can fully participate in the Game Metaverse. Composability is a highly promising concept, as it opens up limitless possibilities. We've seen composability in DeFi, where multiple protocols interact, creating an entirely different economic landscape with numerous benefits such as high liquidity and capital optimization. Likewise, composability can flourish in the gaming industry, showcasing the beauty of Blockchain.

Some Popular Guild Games

  • Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that allows players to collect, breed, and battle fantasy creatures known as Axies. It has gained immense popularity for its Play-to-Earn model.
  • Guild of Guardians: Guild of Guardians is an upcoming mobile RPG that integrates blockchain to enable players to own, trade, and earn rewards from in-game assets.
  • The Sandbox: The Sandbox is a user-generated content platform that empowers players to create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using blockchain technology.


Guild Games represents a paradigm shift in the gaming industry, offering a bridge between gaming communities, blockchain technology, GameFi projects, and investors. As these platforms continue to evolve and gain traction, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we play, collaborate, and invest in the gaming ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the exciting developments that Guild Games will bring to the world of gaming and blockchain.

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