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An infinity ecosystem based on venture builder for

Unicorn Ultra (U2U)

powers the construction of global blockchain unicorn chains, assist an ecosystem, promote decentralization, and proactive investment community growth for community investors and businesses.

Dear Builders,let's unlock everything inhibiting your blockchain project together!

An All-In-One platformfor potential builders

Based on the Venture Builder model that takes advantage of community strength to global approaches

The Unicorn Ultra (U2U) Ecosystem brings comprehensive motivation to support with rich resources and global partners for every blockchain project: web3, NFT, Dapp, Gamefi, etc.

U2U Ecosystem
U2U AcademyU2U NFTU2U SwapU2U InfoU2U WalletU2U ExchangeU2U FaucetU2U Foundation

A governance mechanism coreis the decentralization community

Construct a democratic environment origin from the soulbound tokens model to prevent any manipulation

The U2U Foundation guarantees the interests of the participants regardless of admin, team, builder, creator, developer, or enthusiast, etc, all can own U2U tokens to be involved in the operations of the network. The foundation consists of U2U application and ecosystem developers, partners, and other organizations.

U2U Governance

What is Unicorn Ultra (U2U)?

Unicorn Ultra is the Layer-1 blockchain platform designed based on the venture builder model that enables creators and developers to build any potential projects to serve for a decentralized future. U2U is governed by a decentralized council that aims to take advantage of community power to create global blockchain unicorns.

The core of Unicorn Ultra is U2U Chain which is comprehensive support for performance-optimized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts. We use an open-source, distributed ledger that uses Virtual Voting and “Gossip about Gossip” Protocol hashgraph consensus algorithm. Along with that, U2U also creates a native token that has high throughput with fast finality; low, predictable fees; fair transaction ordering with consensus timestamps; and a robust codebase that ensures scalability and reliability at every layer. Our system uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) algorithm to make the network the most secure.

U2U uses the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure to offer a promising future for our ecosystem. By all these technical factors, U2U's DAG-based distributed technology offers low, predictable fees and lightning-fast transactions.

Our vision and mission originate from the trust in community power. This will motivate and lead everyone toward a future of sustainable development, where digital assets are at the core of our new society.

Use cases



A fertile land to construct the future of decentralized finance, beginning with lending protocols, oracles, network bridges, and more using EVM smart contracts.



A new horizon to portray unique identities representing art, style, digital media, physical assets, etc., for display in the next big NFT marketplace or community.



Open the door to enter the metaverse and join a sustainable economy with unlimited entertainment space, where every game is a Dapp with play-to-earn proof.



Decentralization, scalability, and security - a set of potential trends re-emerging on the web platform, opening up opportunities for powerful interaction without barriers.



An inevitability is the result of the soundbound token model, which is important to helping the U2U community (UTown) thrive and providing resources for projects built on the U2U Chain.



Be the pioneer in supporting projects that are interested in at the early stage of Mainnet, thereby receiving the initials certificate (encoded to NFT, call U2S) and using it to authorize or vote on those projects.

Build the new generation

Motivated by Unicorn Ultra (U2U) via powered by a global community

We are started with trust in Blockchain and toward the future with a community-controlled decentralization economy.

Take our advantages

U2U Ecosystem is a platform where we can support and accelerate blockchain startups. Besides technical assistance, blockchain project built on the U2U Chain will benefit from our community and resources.

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Build your applications

U2U Foundation invests in potential products right from the pre-seed and seed stages like an exemplary venture builder for developers to actualize business processed and procedures across CBDC, Supply Chain, Finance, Fraud Mitigation, and more.

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Token Creation Tools
Token Creation Tools

Faster for developers to create a token.

Lock Tokens
Lock Tokens

Simpler for developers to design a tokens locking system.


More convenient, more efficient.

Multi Send
Multi Send

Better user experience for your product.

For the next big things withUnicorn Ultra

We aim to construct global blockchain unicorn chains as part of Unicorn Ultra's mission, promoting transparency, democracy, and proactive investment community growth for community investors and businesses. U2U's robust codebase ensures massively scalable and reliable network infrastructure, making it the comprehensive platform for developers to build ecosystem-critical web3 applications and protocols.

Cheaper fees
Cheaper fees

The cost per transaction on the U2U Chain will help to save 30% on fees compared to other leading blockchain networks.

High speed
High speed

The U2U Chain can optimize transaction speed with high processing and fast.

High scalability
High scalability

The benchmark for scalability is optimized powering the most demanding, mission-critical web3 applications and protocols.


Our EVM is designed flexibly for developers to unleash their creativity while optimizing their products.

Energy Saving Commitment

Energy Saving Commitment

U2U Chain is designed based on the consensus algorithm that enables optimized energy usage while ensuring the most efficient transaction volume processing.

In addition, the U2U Ecosystem is also toward the carbon emission reduction target to ensure sustainability through solutions that take full advantage of U2U's low-energy network.

Advisors & Partners

circle Cris-Tran.jpg
Cris Tran

Founding Advisor
Blockchain @VinUniversity

  • Linkedin
circle Carney-Mak.jpg
Carney Mak

Head Of Investment
FXHB Asset Management

  • Linkedin
circle Belinda-Pham.jpg
Belinda Pham

Web3 Portfolio Manager

  • Linkedin
circle 1648176735118.jpg
Huy Pham

Senior Lecturer in Finance @RMIT
University Vietnam Founder @RMIT
FinTech-Crypto Hub CFO @GreenAnt

  • Linkedin
circle julian pic.jpg
Julian Wu

U2U Advisor - Mentor/Judge at Stanford Web3 Research Lab, Orbit Startups, and Blockchain Founders Fund

  • Linkedin
circle 1581866350755.jpg
Irene Umar

U2U Advisor - CEO & Co-Founder @W3GG

  • Linkedin
circle 1608094959811.jpg
Josh Du

Head of Digital Asset Portfolios at Animoca - U2U Mentor

  • Linkedin

Our Team

circle Mr-Trung-Trang.jpg
Mr Trung Trang

Founder Unicorn Ultra

  • Linkedin
circle Mr-Luu-Tran.jpg
Mr Luu Tran

CTO U2UChain

  • Linkedin
circle Mr-Nguyen-Le.jpg
Mr Bao Nguyen

U2Lab Co-Founder

  • Linkedin
circle anh 2.jpg
Mr Dinh Pham

CPO Unicorn Ultra

circle Mr-Quang-Vu.jpg
Mr Quang Vu

Tech Lead Unicorn Ultra


Strategic Partner


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