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Unicorn Ultra's May Monthly Recap: Notable Highlights and Achievements

Unveil the extraordinary moments of U2U's vibrant month of May. Delve into the captivating highlights in our upcoming article

May was a month filled with remarkable milestones and exciting endeavors for U2U in the blockchain industry. From the launch of U2NFT and the exceptional response to the Uni-Astro Newborn collection, to U2U's sponsorship commitments and distinguished speaking engagements, U2U left a lasting impact on the blockchain community. In this Unicorn Ultra's May monthly recap, we will delve into the noteworthy events that unfolded in May, emphasizing U2U's dedication to innovation, active involvement in the community, and relentless pursuit of advancing blockchain technology.

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1. U2NFT - Unicorn Ultra's NFT Marketplace

U2U introduced U2NFT, the highly anticipated NFT marketplace powered by Unicorn Ultra. U2NFT brings a comprehensive trade platform in which anyone can create an account, simultaneously allowing users to start transactions immediately. U2NFT is positioned as the hub of creativities and unique personalities. Even in this Testnet phase, the community can experiment with critical features, such as exploring, discovering, and trading attractive NFT collections in the most extensive and comprehensive marketplace.

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2. [UNI-ASTRO] The 2nd Mint - Uni-Astro Newborn - Is Now Beginning

Uni-Astro's second mint, "Uni-Astro Newborn," marked an exciting milestone for U2U. This limited-time event allowed participants to acquire unique NFTs from the coveted collection. With a whitelist mint and a public mint, enthusiasts had the chance to secure their spot and purchase these captivating NFTs. 

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Whitelist mint 

  • The mint price: 10 U2U Testnet 
  • 1 PM UTC on May 14th - 1 PM UTC on May 15th. 
  • Total number of Uni-Astro Newborn NFTs minted this round: 5,000

Public mint

  • 1 PM UTC on May 15th, until sold out
  • Mint price: 10 U2U Testnet
  • Total number of Uni-Astro Newborn NFTs minted this round: 5,000

The overwhelming response led to the complete sell-out of all 10,000 Uni-Astro Newborn NFTs, solidifying the collection's popularity and U2U's commitment to delivering innovative experiences.


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3. U2U: Your Ultimate All-in-One Blockchain Solution!

U2U reinforced its position as an all-in-one blockchain solution provider, offering a robust ecosystem to meet users' diverse needs. Through the U2U Wallet, U2NFT, U2Music, and U2Assistant, users gain access to fast, secure, and convenient transactions. Additionally, U2U's future offerings, including the Bridge, Exchange, DEX, and U2Academy, promise further growth and opportunities for businesses to thrive within the expanding U2U ecosystem.


4. Uni-Astro Newborn Collection Sold Out

The Uni-Astro Newborn NFT collection witnessed tremendous success as all 10,000 NFTs were quickly sold out. U2U expressed deep gratitude to the community for their unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout the journey. This remarkable achievement attests to the collection's captivating appeal and U2U's commitment to delivering innovative and sought-after NFT experiences.

 Uni-Astro-Newborn-Collection-Sold-Out (1) 

5. U2U Sponsors Vietnam Blockchain Association 1st Year Anniversary

U2U proudly sponsored the "1st Year Anniversary Ceremony" of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, held at Chloe Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City. The event celebrated the association's achievements and marked the dawn of a new era in blockchain applications. U2U's sponsorship highlighted its dedication to supporting and advancing the adoption of blockchain technology in Vietnam while fostering collaboration within the blockchain community.


6. U2U Proudly Sponsors CRYPTOMONDAYS SAIGON #4: "How To Survive When Out Of Blood" featuring Founder Mr. Nguyen Trung Trang as Distinguished Speaker!

U2U is proudly sponsoring CRYPTOMONDAYS SAIGON #4: "How To Survive When Out Of Blood", an eagerly awaited event tailored for the enthusiastic crypto community. This event serves as a platform for passionate crypto enthusiasts to gather and exchange ideas. U2U's Founder, Mr. Nguyen Trung Trang, shared valuable insights and expertise as a distinguished speaker, further enhancing the event's significance and value.



In conclusion, U2U has had an eventful month of May, marked by significant achievements and exciting developments. The launch of U2NFT, the comprehensive NFT marketplace, has provided a platform for artists and collectors to connect and make transactions. The Uni-Astro Newborn NFT collection saw tremendous success, selling out all 10,000 NFTs.

U2U's sponsorship of the Vietnam Blockchain Association's 1st Year Anniversary and CRYPTOMONDAYS SAIGON #4 further demonstrates its commitment to supporting the blockchain community and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology.

Looking ahead, U2U's all-in-one blockchain solution, with services like the U2U Wallet and upcoming offerings like the Bridge, Exchange, DEX, and U2 Academy, promises a diverse and convenient ecosystem for users.

U2U continues to strive for innovation, community engagement, and the development of a robust blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events in the coming months! Follow to update more information about Unicorn Ultra.

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