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Unicorn Ultra's July Monthly Recap

U2U has had a busy month of July, full with noteworthy accomplishments, exciting events, and partnerships. Let's journey through July's high points and rejoice in the advancements we have achieved together!

July has been an exciting and eventful month for Unicorn Ultra! From thrilling networking parties to co-organizing prestigious events, and successful of community events to engaging community initiatives, we've achieved remarkable progress in the world of blockchain and Web3. Join us as we celebrate the highlights of July in our comprehensive monthly recap below! 

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Unicorn Night - V.I.P Networking Party

U2U Foundation's Unicorn Night, co-organizing with Polygon, successfully brought together over 160 attendees representing 100+ big names from blockchain industry. The event served as a vibrant platform for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts to connect, share knowledge, and gain exclusive insights into the future of Web3.

The evening was filled with engaging discussions, meaningful connections, and a wealth of knowledge exchange, leaving a lasting impression on U2U Foundation and the participants.


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Unicorn Ultra Proudly Co-Organizing LaunchSpace

We are elated to announce that Unicorn Ultra has become a co-organizer of LaunchSpace, a hub for incubators, accelerators, foundations, and venture capitals dedicated to supporting the best Web3 founders. 

As co-organizers, we are committed to providing these brilliant minds with exclusive access to resources, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities. Together, we empower the next generation of Web3 pioneers.

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U2U Wallet Successfully Submitted on WalletConnect

A significant milestone in our journey was achieved as the U2U Wallet successfully joined the WalletConnect decentralized protocol. This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to delivering a seamless and secure user experience for our community. With U2U Wallet on WalletConnect, our users can now connect decentralized applications to their mobile wallets with ease. 

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U2U Foundation attend  World Blockchain Summit as a pitch partner and speaker

We are excited to announce that the U2U Foundation played a prestigious role as a pitch partner and speaker at the World Blockchain Summit.

Furthermore, as the exclusive sponsor of the highly anticipated World Blockchain Summit After Party, we curated an evening filled with celebration and excitement for all attendees. We are grateful for the chance to connect with industry leaders and enthusiasts, making this event truly unforgettable.


Official Start of U2U Community on Zealy

To further enhance community engagement, we launched our U2U Community on Zealy, a platform that rewards users for completing quests. This offers our community members the chance to drive growth and participation within U2U, strengthening our bond as a united force.


Meme Contest Starts

In a lighthearted twist, we hosted an exhilarating Meme Contest that allowed our community to showcase their wit and creativity. The competition was fierce, with participants vying for a generous prize of 100 USDT and the chance to win the hearts of meme enthusiasts everywhere. The entries flooded in, and we were amazed by the ingenuity and humor displayed by our participants.



As July comes to a close, we are immensely proud of the progress we've made and the connections we've fostered with our community. U2U remains committed to driving innovation, collaboration, and positive change within the blockchain space. Thank you for being a part of our journey! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, events, and opportunities as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of Web3. Follow to update more information about Unicorn Ultra.

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