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Unicorn Ultra's June Monthly Recap

Unveil the extraordinary moments of Unicorn Ultra's June monthly recap. Delve into the captivating highlights in our upcoming article

June has been an eventful and groundbreaking month for the U2U community, with exciting developments in the Uni-Astro NFT collection and the expansion of the U2U Wallet language options. In this Unicorn Ultra's June monthly recap, we will explore the significant events that transpired and delve into the remarkable highlights of this remarkable month.

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[Uni - Astro] The 3rd Collection Is Ready To Discover

Uni-Astro enthusiasts were thrilled as the U2U Development Team unveiled the official information for the highly anticipated 3rd collection, Uni-Astro Junior. With a total of 8,000 NFTs available (including 1,000 for the Whitelist), the community eagerly awaited their chance to participate. The collection brought a sense of anticipation and excitement for what was to come.

Below is Uni - Astro 3rd Collection:

- Collection name: Uni-Astro Junior

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- Total item: 8,000 NFT (with 1,000 NFT for Whitelist)

- Price: 20 U2U Testnet (apply for both Whitelist and Public mint)

- Timeline: 

5 PM UTC 10 Jun - 5 PM UTC 12 Jun: Whitelist register

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8 AM UTC 13 Jun: Whitelist mint open

8 AM UTC 14 Jun: Public mint open - Until sold out

Uni-Astro Junior Whitelist Round Sold Out In 35 Minutes

The Whitelist round for Uni-Astro Junior witnessed overwhelming demand, as all available slots were sold out in a mere 35 minutes. Participants who owned at least 1 Uni-Astro Newborn or completed a specific task were eligible to join this exclusive round. The success of the Whitelist round showcased the growing popularity and desirability of the Uni-Astro NFT collection.

Uni-Astro Junior Public Round Sold Out In 40 Minutes

Following the sold-out success of the Whitelist round, the Public round opened, offering the remaining 7,000 Uni-Astro Junior NFTs to the public. In a remarkable display of enthusiasm, all NFTs were sold out within just 40 minutes. The Uni-Astro Junior collection resonated deeply with collectors, further cementing its status as a sought-after NFT series.

U2U Wallet Now Available In 5 Languages

U2U made significant strides in enhancing user experience by expanding the U2U Wallet's language options. Users can now access the wallet's features in five additional languages, ensuring greater accessibility and convenience for the community. This expansion reflects U2U's commitment to serving a diverse global audience and fostering seamless interactions within the ecosystem.


Twitter Space AMA with CryptoTalkz

Adding to the list of significant milestones in June was the highly anticipated Twitter Space AMA with CryptoTalkz. This engaging session provided participants with a valuable opportunity to gain insightful knowledge, ask thought-provoking questions, and even have a chance to earn up to 100 USDT. Held on June 20th at 3 PM (UTC), this dynamic platform facilitated meaningful discussions within the crypto community, further fueling excitement and fostering collaboration among participants.


June has been a month of significant achievements and exciting developments for the U2U community. The success of the Uni-Astro Junior NFT collection, with both the Whitelist and Public rounds selling out swiftly, showcases the enthusiasm and support for U2U's innovative offerings. Additionally, the expansion of the U2U Wallet's language options enhances user accessibility and fosters a seamless experience for all. The upcoming Twitter Space AMA with CryptoTalkz further adds to the excitement surrounding U2U's community engagement efforts. With a commitment to continuous innovation and captivating experiences, U2U looks forward to a promising future. Unicorn Ultra's June Monthly Recap captures the excitement and progress. Follow to update more information about Unicorn Ultra.

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