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U2U will join the event of INNOEX - Innovation & GreenEconomy

As an international event held annually, Innoex aims to promote innovation and development in various fields including technology, market, and services. U2U as a venture builder shares this vision and promises to provide the necessary ideas and solutions to support businesses in building their competitive advantage. We specialize in expanding blockchain and AI applications to help businesses thrive.

Introducing the Innoex Event

InnoEx is an annual international event promoting innovation and growth for the business community of Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

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U2U will join the event of INNOEX - Innovation & GreenEconomy

Held in August in Ho Chi Minh City, InnoEx leverages the power of longstanding successful programs such as the Forum for Business Leaders – Vietnam CEO Forum and the Professional Startup Accelerator Program. The Startup Wheel is expected to attract 20,000 visitors with more than 2,000 leaders, experts, corporations, and startups participating in the forum from many countries around the world.

What will you get by attending Innoex 2023?

  1. Valuable insights from pioneering technology and innovation companies, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Useful information that is leading and trendy in technology and the market.
  2. Global best practices in driving innovation-driven new growth from leading companies in Vietnam, at sea, and around the world. Real-world experience in innovating the growth model of the domestic and international business community.
  3. Rich and efficient resources curated in a single store are always available for corporate innovation.
  4. Opportunities for direct business cooperation and investment in fast-growing and technologically innovative companies.
  5. Newly launched products and solutions are immediately welcomed by the savvy consumer community. Respond quickly to the market with new products and technology solutions.
  6. New synergy is nurtured and promoted between fields and markets. Cooperation association among senior leaders of interdisciplinary fields.

Activities that take place in the 2 days of Innoex event

U2U will join the event of INNOEX

  1. INNOEX FORUM | Happening at 9:30 - 11:30, Thursday | August 24, 2023|

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum for leading industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, regional influence investors, and technology innovators and start-ups.

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  1. VIETNAM CEO FORUM | Held at 13:30 - 17:30, Friday | August 25, 2023|

The annual GIA global event for Vietnamese CEOs.

Formed based on the actual needs of the CEO in the process of leading his business, which includes: the need to make strategic decisions for the Enterprise, the need for successful integration, and sustainable and high development. Moreover, the need to become a regional and global-minded enterprise.

  1. START-UP THEME | Taking place in 2 days 24 - 25/8/2023|

The venue for the best startups from 2 international competitions for innovators and business founders: Startup Wheel and Green Innovation Scholarship.

  1. EXHIBITION & LAUNCH | Taking place in 2 days 24 - 25/8/2023|

A place to showcase and introduce products, services, solutions, and technologies of more than 200 innovative businesses and technology startups, from over 33 countries, and launch new products and stories from industry leaders.

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  1. BUSINESS NETWORK | Taking place in 2 days 24 - 25/8/2023|

Connecting business through exchanges, facilitating B2B, G2G, G2B, and B2G cooperation in the region and interdisciplinary.

  1. INVESTMENT AREA | Held at 17:30 - 20:00, Thursday | August 24, 2023|

Promote investment association and cooperation with the participation of more than 50 international and domestic investment funds with outstanding innovative enterprises in Vietnam participating in the framework of InnoEx.

  1. TALENTED CENTER | Held at 8:30 - 10:30, Friday | August 25, 2023|

The convergence of Universities, educators, and playgrounds for the next generation of the innovative economy.

The appearance of Unicorn Ultra (U2U) in this event

In this Innoex event, Unicorn Ultra will participate in items such as booth booking at the event. Mr. Le Thai Duong - CEO of U2U Venture Builder will be Startup Pitch Judge, and Mr. Cris will join the Investment Zone. We will use the U2U fund to participate in the "Business Connection & Investment Zone", both to create an opportunity to promote many new projects and to expand the scale and potential of U2U itself.

U2U will join the event of INNOEX

About the two faces of U2U, Mr. Cris D Tran is an experienced digital strategist with more than 13 years of experience in building business projects, as a corporate CEO and advisor, in management consulting. He has handled transaction execution driving the entire cycle from strategy to integration, taking care of the public sector for corporate, corporate, and SME accounts. Cris assumes the role of Founding Advisor at the U2U Foundation, a comprehensive venture-building model that aims to create an ecosystem led by investment, development, and community communities. Crisis incubates and invests in a number of startups and M3TA Analytics makes Data accessible to the Public with its proprietary No-Code “text-to-chart” technology, especially for businesses web industry3.

Mr. Le Thai Duong is the CEO of U2U Venture Builder. He is also a member of BUV's advisory board and author of books on entrepreneurship and behavioral science. Mr. Duong has expertise in consulting and training, developing marketing plans, raising capital, and raising capital for startups. As a professional advisor, program builder, judge, advisor, and lecturer for many domestic and foreign startup programs: K-Start Grand Challenges, Shark Tank Vietnam, Korea Global IT Portal, Kawai Startup, I-Startup, Co4 Growth, Social Innovation Launch, etc. Duong is the co-founder and angel investor of many startups.

You can get more by joining our event. At Innoex, you can not only expand your knowledge but also seize many opportunities in work. For more information on the event, please visit:

INNOEX 2023: Innovating for Sustainable Growth 


08:00, Thursday, Aug 24, 2023

20:00, Friday, Aug 25, 2023

Riverside Palace Convention Center, 360D Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

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