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Utilize U2U Wallet to communicate with compatible cross-chain DApps

Users may access and secure their digital assets using the decentralized, multi-cryptocurrency wallet application known as U2U Wallet. Everyone may effortlessly purchase, transmit, receive, stake, trade, and store cryptocurrencies with the aid of U2U Wallet.

The Unicorn Ultra blockchain ecosystem and projects developed on it use this default wallet to hold multiple cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. 

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For anyone working in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industries, a secure cryptocurrency wallet is a need. To deliver and receive digital assets, it functions like software. A person can actually possess a wide variety of coins and tokens, whereas certain wallets only enable a limited number of them.

However, the development of decentralized applications (DApps), network functions technology (NFT), and Web3 calls for a cryptocurrency wallet that promotes greater access and exploration of digital asset collections in a single location as opposed to fragmentation for storage across multiple platforms. 

For all of the aforementioned needs, U2U Wallet may be the best option. 

What is a U2U Wallet?

Users may access and secure their digital assets using the decentralized, multi-cryptocurrency wallet application known as U2U Wallet. Everyone may effortlessly purchase, transmit, receive, stake, trade, and store cryptocurrencies with the aid of U2U Wallet.

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The proprietor of U2U Wallet can store more cryptocurrency than some of its rivals because it supports multi-chain. Additionally, it is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, which means that users have total control over their money and are the sole owners of their bitcoins.

Compared to most centralized wallets, one of the key benefits of U2U Wallet is the ability to connect safely with decentralized apps (DApps) on supported blockchains. In addition, a secure internet connection can be used to access U2U Wallet, a hot wallet.


The key features of U2U Wallet

  • Support for many cryptocurrencies: U2U Wallet supports a variety of coins and tokens, in contrast to most wallets, which only handle ERC-20 tokens.
  • Flexible purchases: Users of U2U Wallet can acquire cryptocurrencies from external marketplaces.
  • Users can buy, sell, and store NFTs using an NFT wallet. Through the U2U Exchange, which is integrated with U2U Wallet, users can also exchange NFTs.
  • Staking and prizes: Users can stake specific cryptocurrencies using U2U Wallet to gain rewards.
  • Simple inter-wallet transfers: Users can send cryptocurrency to U2U Wallet from other wallets using a private key, secret recovery phrase, or Keystore file.
  • Low price: Compared to possible rivals, U2U Wallet's transaction costs are quite reasonable.

How does U2U Wallet work?

The U2U Wallet creates a link between various blockchains and their associated nodes. Every blockchain has a unique set of public addresses for storing encrypted cryptocurrency. Decentralized and non-custodial, it only provides access to users' cryptocurrency rather than holding or managing it.

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U2U Wallet currently only works with mobile devices. The U2U team will develop the wallet in the subsequent phases so that it can be used with Web3 applications as well as the web platform as an extension.

After successfully navigating Google and Apple's censorship processes, the U2U Wallet app was approved for listing on Google Play and the AppStore. It is simple for users to download and set up on their own mobile devices.

To protect users' privacy, the U2U Wallet app does not save any information about them. It does not reveal user information to third parties; all contact information is retained only between parties engaged in business.

How to download and use U2U Wallet?

How to use U2U Wallet

Download U2U Wallet

U2U Wallet is now listed on Google Play and AppStore, so it is safe for users to download on their devices. You can easily do it by following these steps:

  • - Step 1: On your Android device, open Google Play; if it is iOS, open AppStore
  • - Step 2: Enter the keyword "U2U Wallet" and search.
  • - Step 3: Select the result shown by the developer as UNICORN ULTRA LAB LTD.
  • - Step 4: Click Install and wait for it complete.

How to use U2U Wallet?

To start using U2U Wallet, tap the U2U icon from your device. Please note that you have allowed the application to access the necessary permissions before you start using it, for example, memory, location, network permissions, etc.

At the main interface of the U2U Wallet app, you can see three screens from left to right: DAPP BROWSERWALLET INFORMATION, and SETTING. U2U Wallet enables two options to add a new wallet: Import (from your last wallet) or Create a new one


  • - Step 1: Choose your wallet blockchain; U2U Wallet now supports BNB, Ethereum, Ethereum PoW, Tron, Aptos, USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20), Vechain, VeThor, Ethereum classic, USDT (Solana), Aurora ETH, theta, Theta Fuel, filecoin, Terra, Polygon, Elrond, KuCoin,, and Kardia Chain. 
  • - Step 2: To import any wallet, you can choose 1 of 2 options: Recovery Phrase or Private Key
  • - Step 3: Paste your Recovery Phrase/Private Key in the box, then click Next. Or you can scan the QR Code
  • - Step 4: Waiting for U2U Wallet to check for the information and finish the import process. 

Create a new wallet

  • - Step 1: In the LEGAL screen, tick check "I understand that if I lose my recovery word, I will not be able to access my wallet." Then click NEXT
  • - Step 2: You will see the 15 recovery phrase in the RECOVERY PHRASE screen. Write down or copy these words in the right order and save them somewhere safe. Then click NEXT.
  • - Step 3: Tap the words to put them next to each other in the correct order. Then click NEXT
  • - Step 4: Your wallet is done. You can see your wallet information like balance, a detailed token on each chain, saved NFT, etc. 

To secure your wallet, please choose Settings, click SECURITY, and enable the PasswordTouch ID option. 

In the DAPP BROWSER screen, you can see U2U listed some Dapp, including those developed by Unicorn Ultra Lab and by 3rd party partners. Users can easily access these Dapp to experience and explore. 

Besides, currently in the Testnet phase, so you can use U2U Wallet to experience some features, like U2U Faucet (to get free U2U testnet coin) and Uni-Astro (a campaign to mint NFT on U2NFT - The NFT Marketplace of Unicorn Ultra). Both exist on the DAPP BROWSER screen.


The potential of U2U Wallet

U2U Wallet is a component of the Unicorn Ultra, a blockchain ecosystem built on the Venture Builder paradigm, as was stated at the beginning of this article. The goal of Unicorn Ultra is to create a digital cradle for startup project creators and builders. It offers initial resources including business strategy, branding, and marketing in addition to granting, incubating, and accelerating. 

U2U Wallet is designed to hold all tokens of each project launched on the Unicorn Ultra blockchain and serves as the ecosystem's default wallet. As a result, this wallet needs to be reliable and scalable to keep up with the expansion of projects and goods like NFT, DApps, Web3, etc.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits and essential features, one of the app's greatest advantages is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for even new users to use. 

It is feature-rich because the U2U Wallet team wants to give users better access to cryptocurrencies in a safe, non-custodial way. Users can carry out a variety of tasks with just one app.

Visit the website to find out more about U2U Wallet:


In conclusion, U2U Wallet is a reliable and secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet application that supports various coins and tokens. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, users can easily store, transfer, and interact with their digital assets. Plus, with its integration with DApps across multiple blockchains, U2U Wallet is a one-stop-shop for all your digital asset needs. This article showed you how to use U2U Wallet for storing digital assets and accessing the DApp. Follow Uniultra to update more useful information about Unicorn Ultra ecosystem

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