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Introduction to U2U Super App

U2U Super App is the one-stop shop to join & explore U2U Ecosystem. In this article, let’s learn about U2U Super App and the various unique features it offers.


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What is U2U Super App?

U2U Super App is a secure and user-friendly Web3 Wallet for managing cryptocurrencies and exploring decentralized applications. It is the all-powerful gateway to U2U Network, and a unified platform for trading, staking, and managing digital assets, simplifying the user experience in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why should you choose U2U Super App?

There are various compelling reasons why you should use U2U Super App for your Web3 journey:

  • Security: With our self-custody wallet, you are always in complete control of your funds and private keys.
  • Seamless experience: No more dealing with all the lags and freezes when we provide you with the smoothest UI/UX.
  • Gateway to U2U Network: U2U Super App is the only gateway to U2U Network - one of the most censorship-resistant, reliable, and highest-performing blockchain networks in the world.

U2U Super App features

Send & Receive

Right on the home page is where you can manage your Web3 portfolio in one place: One-click Store & Transfer cryptocurrencies and NFT from anywhere, to anyone. U2U Super App is designed for convenience and efficiency, ensuring that managing your digital assets is fast, easy to use, and hassle-free.


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Stake your U2U tokens to not only help secure U2U Chain but also to earn rewards. By participating in our staking process, you contribute to the network's robustness while receiving compensation for your role in maintaining its integrity and stability.

Staking on U2U Network is made native within U2U Super App. Via the interface of U2U Super App, you can directly stake, delegate, and lock U2U tokens and start earning.



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Exploring U2U Ecosystem

U2U Ecosystem embraces every decentralized service and real-world application that we envision a digitalized future will need to have. With U2U Ecosystem, Unicorn Ultra offers everyone an opportunity to be a part of a sustainable Web3 world without having to deal with its complex, confusing nature.




Discover the latest announcements, educational articles, and research pieces from Unicorn Ultra Network with this feature. Integrated into U2U Super App, this feature now allows you to keep up to date with our most recent developments, and never miss any information from us any more.



In this section, you can change the password of U2U Super App, export the seed phrase of your wallet, or choose the preferred language for the application. At the moment, U2U Super App is available in both English and Vietnamese, with more options to come in the near future!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I install U2U Super App? 

U2U Super App is currently available on mobile devices (Android & iOS). Please follow the links below corresponding to your device:

  • Android: Download HERE
  • iOS: Download HERE

Which assets does U2U Super App support? 

U2U Super App supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies with various standards like ERC-20, ERC-721 (NFT), and more.

How to migrate from U2U Wallet to U2U Super App

U2U Super App marks a transition from the original U2U Wallet; to adapt to this change, users would have to migrate their wallets from U2U Wallet to U2U Super App. Since U2U Super App adopts a number of new blockchain standards, the wallets from U2U Wallet cannot be simply migrated to U2U Super App using the Recovery Phrase. On this matter, we suggest creating a completely new wallet on U2U Super App and transferring your funds from U2U Wallet to this new wallet.

Is U2U Super App safe?

As a self-custody wallet, U2U Super App is completely safe since you are the only person with access to your funds.

How can I restore my wallet if I lose my Secret Recovery Phrase (Private Keys)?

The Secret Recovery Phrase is the only tool for you to recover your account. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you store this 12-word phrase somewhere especially safe that only you have access to, preferably physically.

How do I contact Customer Support?

If you cannot find an answer to your problem here, you can contact our Customer Support at


In conclusion, U2U Super App emerges as a robust and user-centric solution within the Web3 landscape. U2U Super App’s emphasis on security, streamlined user experience, and integration into the U2U Network positions it as a compelling choice for managing digital assets and exploring decentralized applications.

U2U Super App not only simplifies the complexities of the blockchain ecosystem but also paves the way for a more inclusive and sustainable digital future through its comprehensive suite of features and its integration into U2U Network and U2U Ecosystem.

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