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Space Launch: Speed Dating

Space Launch: Speed Dating - Meeting point between your founders and investors. Co-produced by Blockx Network, Umbala Labs, DTS Group, U2U (Unicorn Ultra). Time: 18:00 - 21:00, August 28, 2023. Location: HCMC (We will inform the address in the invitation letter). Register to join Premium Founder Club at APAC!

Space Launch Event: What is Speed Dating?

"Space Launch: Speed Dating" is a suitable series of events for co-founders and investors to discover a new land suitable for cooperation and investment.

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The goal of launching this project is by finding and connecting with the people who will co-found with you in the project - who will fight with you to immortality with crazy love and obsession to build. Build your startup from zero to one.

space launch

Highlights of the sequence of events

NEXUS Decentralized: The new decentralized relationship is growing rapidly and is widely adopted. Thanks to allowing flexible trading, fast transaction processing speed, .. are the optimal factors that make decentralized trading become the preferred choice of investors.

Decentralized intelligence: As the latest generation of internet technology, Web 3.0 allows users to create smart applications and websites with the support of a series of modern technologies such as Blockchain, and artificial intelligence. create AI, Big Data,... So Web 3 builders are the smartest people everywhere. They can be agile in collaborating with others to create breakthroughs.

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Decentralized Community: Every Web 3 builder needs a community to support business model development. In particular, each member of the decentralized community can be both a founder and an investor when each person in the community has the right to manage and contribute to support and build a business model. develop. Cryptocurrency community meetup series for builders, media partners, and VCs. A series of acquisitions zoomed in for builders to present to a group of Crypto/Web 3 advisors/experts.

This event will especially amplify the voices of groundbreaking Web 3 builders, from the fact that the event is owned by the founders' community to the builders community.

space launch speed dating

Space Launch: Speed dating meeting point between your founders and investors

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Why join “Launch Space”

At this event, there are global mentors who have experience in the blockchain industry who will participate and become mentors and support new investors, even new investors, founders. This is a place for people to exchange experiences in this field. In addition, staying true to the core criteria of the event is to discover, and find “soul friends” – unparalleled founder-friendly sponsors with flexible terms.

Besides, you can actively connect and expand your relationships by joining your own premium clubs with offline and online activities, especially with the network of founders. APAC's top Web 3 founders, partners, and venture capitalists. Not only that but with a large number of participants, you can take advantage of the opportunity to expand your global sales network and leverage your sales network to drive mass adoption across 31 countries worldwide. 

Open the link to Web 3 and avoid making unnecessary mistakes, you can choose to join our event. There, you will find the right companions, go forward, and even face the challenges and difficulties on your way. Explore the mysterious world of Web 3 as we navigate together its unique features, provide guidance, and receive unwavering support at every step, every stage of the project. Get ready for an exciting journey where knowledge meets opportunity and ensures the success of your project.

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