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Nebulas Testnet: An Ambitious Step for the U2U Chain

U2U - Nebulas Testnet is expected to help builders solve obstacles in DApp development on-chain found in the previous Testnet while experiencing the advancements of Hashgraph integration.

Introduction about Unicorn Ulrta (U2U)

nebulas testnet

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Unicorn Ultra recently announced Nebulas, the name for the next Testnet of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem. Earlier in March, this project caused a stir in the community with impressive information surrounding its ambition to develop a digital cradle for potential “technology unicorns.” This Nebulas Testnet, plays an important role in promoting the launch of Mainnet as soon as possible to catch the potential “uptrend wave” that is expected by the whole industry.

Before announcing Nebulas Testnet, Unicorn Ultra was teasing some information revolving around possible updates on the U2U Chain, including the customization of the Hashgraph consensus algorithm and the integration of ZKPs. Besides, there are seminars and industry events to reach enterprise customers in the financial, banking, securities, and real estate industry, showing Unicorn Ultra’s ambitious step in this never-ending field.

What is Nebulas Testnet?

In the vast expanse of the digital cosmos, a new universe came into being — a realm where the fusion of innovation, technology, and myth gave rise to the Nebula Testnet. Central to the heart of Nebula lay the essence of a legendary entity: the Monoceros, a symbol of purity, strength, and wisdom.

When assigning Nebula as a name for the new Testnet, Unicorn Ultra would like to emphasize its important role for U2U Chain as a guiding light for the builders, inspiring them to craft a blockchain layer as unique and formidable as a unicorn — a mythical creature. In the same way that Nebula creates planets, the Nebula Testnet will generate values that are representative of Unicorn Ultra — mirrored by a dramatic upgrade in U2U Chain’s specifications (see below).

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u2u nebulas testnet

Nebulas Testnet



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Nebula Testnet continues to explore the U2U universe, where mysterious, extraordinary things seem unbelievable but can still come true. It reflects the message that technology — like the universe where nebulae reside — there are many mysteries that need to be discovered and conquered, thereby contributing to the awareness of the community.

Beyond being a mere blockchain layer, Unicorn Ultra represents a cosmic odyssey — a journey from the Nebula’s experimental origins to the resplendent Solaris, fueled by the sagacity and resilience of the fabled Unicorn.

The legend of the Unicorn persists in every transaction, every smart contract, and every decentralized application. It serves as a constant reminder that even within the expansive universe of technology exists a place for enchantment, awe, and the extraordinary.

What’s new in this Nebulas Testnet?

Nebulas Testnet provides builders with a robust update on every core technical aspect, including full EVM-compatible, and the transaction speed is eight times faster than the old Testnet. For detail, it can reach TPS 12,000 single shard, transaction finality time 350–850ms.

The U2U Development Team expected this Nebulas Testnet will achieve the success of at least two main goals to determine the Unicorn Ultra’s place:

  • Stress tests the whole system to test its ability to meet actual needs.
  • Conduct a test on Front Running to prove that U2U Chain has Front Running Prevention.

The previous testnet allowed the community to experience some essential features and Dapps of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem, such as Faucet U2U Testnet coin and products U2U Wallet and U2NFT. With this Nebulas Testnet, Unicorn Ultra empowers builders who are looking for a comprehensive platform to develop decentralized applications (DApps) that aims to serve the future of the digital economy. Therefore, it is worth waiting to see what promising DApps will appear in Nebulas Testnet.

What role does Nebulas Testnet play in Unicorn Ultra’s roadmap?

uniultra chain
U2U Chain is an improvement on top of Hashgraph Consensus

In the posts before, this blog explained in relative detail the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem project as well as U2U Chain — the project’s essential infrastructure. To reiterate, Unicorn Ultra distinguishes itself as a form of open-source distributed ledger technology with the characteristics of a protocol layer (which can be understood as layer-0).

U2U Chain is an improvement on top of Hashgraph Consensus, the cutting-edge, sustainable, and enterprise-grade public network revolutionizing the decentralized economy. While utilizing Hashgraph as its consensus algorithm, the network works differently from conventional blockchains. U2U Chain allows builders to experience a revolutionary approach where all transaction branches merge, preserving each transaction for consensus.

U2U was thoughtfully designed to address the shortcomings of traditional blockchains. Its Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) model enhances transaction verification efficiency, provides top-tier security, and safeguards the network against malicious activities.

Unicorn Ultra’s platform aims to empower individuals and businesses to create robust and powerful Decentralized Applications (DApps), all while overcoming the limitations faced by older blockchain-based platforms, such as sluggish performance and instability.

Nebulas Testnet is an important milestone in the development roadmap of Unicorn Ultra and the U2U community to consider accelerating Mainnet or continuing research. This testnet will be an impetus to test all the main features as introduced above of Unicorn Ultra.

How will Nebulas Testnet motivate Unicorn Ultra?

As teased in the opening, the approach to multi-sector enterprises — especially banking and finance — reflects a bold move by Unicorn Ultra. While blockchain has proven useful, transaction speed and security issues have prevented this technology from getting ahead of traditional businesses, such as VISA, NAPAS, etc. Even the leading blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still having a headache dealing with this story.

Nebulas Testnet, with the powerful of the Hashgraph consensus algorithm, promises to provide a fast and secure transaction processing experience while ensuring decentralization. Nebulas Testnet is, therefore, like a stage where Unicorn Ultra shows its outstanding functions with enterprises as the audience. Through which the quality of this Testnet will influence the decision to choose the U2U Chain of potential partners in the financial sector.


“Embark on the Cosmic Voyage: The Genesis of Unicorn Ultra” — This tagline reflects the great expectations of the U2U Development Team for the Nebulas Testnet.

More than just a technological advancement, Unicorn Ultra encapsulates a vision of a world where the ancient (flat world) and the contemporary (metaverse) coalesce harmoniously, where stars (crazy idea) aren’t distant glimmers but guiding forces, and where the Unicorn’s legacy (Technology Unicorn) isn’t confined to mere folklore (the industry’s story) but is an undeniable truth.

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