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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the engaging AMA session on June 20, 2023, at 3 PM UTC. Your support and presence are highly valued. In case you missed it, here's a comprehensive AMA recap: Unicorn Ultra x CryptoTalkz!

On June 20, at 3 PM UTC, Unicorn Ultra (U2U) and Austin Taylor, the Chief Communication Officer, took center stage in an exciting AMA session hosted by CryptoTalkz. The event garnered tremendous participation, with over 200 community members tuning in concurrently. Attendees were eager to gain insights into the latest developments from U2U and discover more about the upcoming event.

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The primary objective of this engaging 45-minute session was to introduce U2U and its array of products to an extended audience. During the session, we delved into the key features of U2U, its hashgraph-based ecosystem, the innovative U2U Wallet, and the Venture Builder model that sets U2U apart from other layer-1 networks. Additionally, we had the opportunity to explore the dual-token system, the development roadmap, and U2U's mission and vision. The community actively participated by asking thought-provoking questions, and a reward of $100 was allocated to users who contributed to the insightful discussion. 

The AMA session proved to be a resounding success in attracting new community members and highlighting the latest developments in U2U's core focus areas. Participants had the opportunity to actively engage with Austin Taylor, posing questions related to U2U's product development. The AMA session was a testament to the project's increasing popularity and the community's enthusiasm for its vision. Without further ado, let's delve into the highlights of this enlightening AMA session.

Our CCO - Austin Taylor underlined throughout the discussion the special qualities that set U2U apart from other layer-1 networks. U2U addresses the scalability issues that other networks experience by leveraging hashgraph technology, providing faster transaction rates, increased scalability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security. 

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The concept of a Venture Builder was also discussed, U2U builds businesses by supporting decentralized applications that provide web3 solutions for web2 models. The aim is to drive adoption and utility of distributed ledger technology, benefiting the U2U community.


The dual-token system of U2U was a topic of interest. The U2U ecosystem operates with two tokens: U2S and U2U. The U2S token acts as a security token, facilitating distributed governance and providing dividends to U2S holders. Holders of U2S tokens also have the right to vote on ecosystem proposals. On the other hand, the U2U token serves as the primary utility token within the U2U chain. U2U token holders can stake their tokens, proposed development plans, and utilize them to pay for blockchain fees on the U2U chain.

Regarding development progress, Unicorn Ultra is currently in the testnet phase and has plans to launch its mainnet in September 2023 on leading exchanges. Additionally, internally developed DApps such as swap, bridge, and exchange will be available to support the U2U ecosystem.


In terms of mission and vision, U2U aims to apply a web3 venture builder model to drive the adoption and success rate of web3 applications on the U2U Chain. The overarching vision is to establish a global blockchain ecosystem by investing in high-utility applications for the U2U community, investors, and businesses.

During the community question segment, a $100 reward was allocated to users who actively participated and asked insightful questions, fostering further engagement and interaction.

For those interested in a replay of the AMA session, here’s the link for a quick listen!


In conclusion, AMA RECAP: UNICORN ULTRA X CRYPTOTALKZ offered valuable insights into Unicorn Ultra's hashgraph-based ecosystem and its flagship product, the U2U Wallet and successfully fostered knowledge sharing. We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants who made this AMA session a success. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from us! Follow to update more information about Unicorn Ultra.

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