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U2U Foundation is a Strategies Partner with Klaytnovators Hackathon 2023

U2U Foundation is a Strategies Partner with Klaytnovators Hackathon 2023

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This cooperation marks a new development for U2U Foundation when honored to join the caliber hackathon event of 2023. 


Klaytnovators Hackathon is a professional programming playground for young people passionate about blockchain technology in Vietnam, where everyone can exchange, learn and maximize their potential. This is the foundation for candidates to make their mark in their career development journey. With a total prize of up to 300 million VND, which includes cash rewards, certifications, sponsorships, and many other attractive rewards.

The Klaytnovators Hackathon aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain industry and to facilitate developers to learn, test, and deploy blockchain applications. The contest is a playground for participants to showcase their talents and creativity and an opportunity to connect and learn from leading experts in the field.

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Assessing this as an excellent opportunity to discover and create breakthrough decentralized applications in the field of Web3 Gaming & Metaverse as well as handle real assets, U2U Foundation - a pioneer investment fund model Venture Builder - decided to join the Klaytnovators Hackathon as a Strategic Partner for the event. Through this, the U2U Foundation wishes to create motivation and support for potential talents and to find talents to participate in the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem project. Those will be excellent seeds to contribute to the project's development towards the launch of the Mainnet in late 2023.

Klaytnovators Hackathon 2023 will be an opportunity for talented young people passionate about technology to be ready to break through with unique technology ideas. U2U Foundation believes that Klaytn's first Hackathon in Vietnam promises to be one of the most anticipated competitions 2023. Follow to update more information about Unicorn Ultra.

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