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Partnership For The Next Big Things: Unicorn Ultra x

Unicorn Ultra is officially partnering with Sprynt— The Fastest Crypto Payment Platform with Near-instant crypto payments across blockchains, fully decentralized, without bridge or compromise.

Unicorn Ultra X Sprynt

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Unicorn Ultra developed from expectations to become a groundbreaking distributed ledger platform towards enterprises that have a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. In particular, Unicorn Ultra focuses on research to leverage the power of Web3 to drive innovation in decentralized payments.

Unicorn Ultra’s infrastructure is built on the U2U Chain with the Helios consensus algorithm at its core. Helios Consensus is a revolutionary mechanism designed to address the critical needs of modern businesses, facilitating an astonishing throughput of up to 500,000 transactions per second (tps). This exceptional speed empowers businesses with unparalleled efficiency, enabling real-time transaction processing and data transfer at an unprecedented scale.

Aimed to make Web3 payments as convenient as Web2 without compromising on trust, decentralization, and security — Sprynt is developing a new payment protocol allowing builders to easily integrate payments into their ecosystems and provide their users with unparalleled Web3 payment experiences.

Sprynt offers fully decentralized & programmable solutions to collect, send & manage crypto payments across blockchains. Its protocol contains four architectural layers, from trustworthy and secure blockchain primitive to core SLA requirements missing from most blockchain-based payment systems today.

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Through this partnership, U2U and BlockOffice expect to become a strategic resource for startup Web3/Blockchain projects in the portfolio of the U2U Foundation and the accelerators/incubators it sponsors. It also includes several accelerators and incubators partnered with to extend the more incredible network to VC partners, advisors, and mentors.

Besides, both expect to support integrating projects into the community and network, cross-sharing NFT projects in a network of NFT partners to help scale up those NFT projects.

About Unicorn Ultra

Unicorn Ultra is an ecosystem based on the Venture Builder (VB) model, an area increasingly proven to be a better cradle for startups. The appearance of Unicorn Ultra will promote the integration of the VB model with Blockchain to become a trend.

U2U Chain — the core of Unicorn Ultra also represents a groundbreaking advancement in blockchain technology, specifically engineered for enterprise solutions and a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. At its core lies the Helios Consensus, a revolutionary mechanism designed to address the critical needs of modern businesses.

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