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August 15th is indeed a significant milestone in the development journey of the U2U. The entire blockchain community will bear witness to and participate in the TESTNET U2U Chain - a symbol of innovation and progress!

Why should you be part of this?

The next wave of U2U Testnet

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  • Real-world Experience: Dive deep into the transparency, speed, and uniqueness only found in U2U Chain.
  • Learn and Grow:  This a golden opportunity to deepen your blockchain knowledge and contribute to U2U's evolution.
  • Discover Token U2U Nebulas Testnet:  Immerse yourself in U2U's world from U2 Swap, U2U Wallet to U2NFT and U2 Tool.

Event Highlights

Unique NFT4 will be minted using the U2U Nebulas Testnet Token.

Step into the event with us

1. Download the U2U wallet and use the faucet to join the testnet.

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U2U Wallet Available now on App Store and Google Play

2. Follow U2U on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

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3. Visit the landing page, test the features, and experience the Dapp products.

U2U Products

A Day to Make History

Don't miss out! Mark August 15th - the day we collectively step into a new blockchain chapter with U2U Chain.

We eagerly await your participation, let's together pave the way for the future of blockchain!

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