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World Blockchain Summit: Driving the Future of Web 3.0 in Singapore!

On August 2-3, 2023, the Marina Bays Sands Convention and Exhibition Center held the World Blockchain Summit: Driving the Future of Web 3.0. Coming to this conference, with the participation of more than 2000 people, more than 200 large and small investors worldwide with more than 50 speakers will participate in sharing, in order to unite the global blockchain giants, government, and business leaders.

Explore industry trends

World Blockchain Summit

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World Blockchain Summit: Driving the Future of Web 3.0 in Singapore!

  • Web 3.0: the third generation of Internet services that connect data together in a decentralized way to deliver a faster and more personalized user experience. Let is explore the future of payments in the Web 3.0 World; The emergence of Web 3.0 games and virtual worlds; Barriers to mass adoption of Web3 technologies and how to overcome them,.. were shared during this event.
  • What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and how does it affect traditional finance? Promises of Decentralized Identity and Security,... All the information you need about Decentralized Finance will be answered at the event.
  • NFT: The Future of Digital Property Rights
  • GameFi: The Crossroads of Game and DeFi
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): Implications and Opportunities for Web 3.0.
  • Regulation and Compliance in the Web 3.0 Context
  • Digital Assets: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • The FTX Saga: Lessons learned for consumer protection and risk management
  • Scaling Solution: Exploring Layer 2 and ZK Compilations
  • Blockchain for the benefit of society: Empowering the community

Workflow details

Benefits of attending events

World Blockchain Summit web3

This event's "Eligible Participants" process has been aimed at accelerating the revolution of the events industry. Our success comes from your intense passion. You can accelerate your project while growing your business by:

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1. Selected networking opportunities with qualified investors and industry stakeholders: Meet Investors, Institutions, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Allocators, and Investors angel investment- Those who are looking for the most promising business ventures in the Web3, Metaverse, NFT, and Digital Twin space

2. Face-to-face business meetings to facilitate the trading process: Meet world-renowned industry experts who have been hand-picked for their contribution to the ledger technology field. scatter

Get insights from IT Leaders, Tech Entrepreneurs, and Developers,... who are supposed to be leaders in the Metaverse world

3. Breakthrough Insights to Help You Learn, Grow, and Grow: Hear enlightenment sessions from some of the greatest minds in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space to answer some of today's most pressing questions in the current industry.

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They will participate in thought-provoking group discussions, keynotes, use cases, and side chats.

4. Showcase leading projects and ecosystem-changing innovations: The program features presentations, use-case studies, and educational sessions by global technology providers. They will be the introducers of the latest innovations designed with a primary focus on enabling businesses and organizations to adopt the Metaverse solution.

Why should attend?

Benefits for you

  • Learn from global industry experts
  • Accelerate your career development
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Share ideas with like-minded colleagues
  • Meet, connect, and grow your network
  • Learn how to transform and enhance your business and functionality

Benefits for your company

  • Create new business opportunities in the region
  • Connect with decision-makers and senior management of the business
  • Get access to pre-qualifying investors
  • Position yourself as a market leader and innovator
  • Schedule your in-person business meetings in advance with the exclusive events app
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships and introduce new services
  • Expand your network with new strategic partnerships. Reconnect with industry leaders

All the important information about the World Blockchain Summit: Driving the Future of Web 3 is summarized above. This event was a great success and let us take a look at the memorable moments with Unicorn Ultra- one of the event attendees.

Referring to U2U (Unicorn Ultra), we participate as a business with a layer 0 blockchain platform, designed and based on the venture builder model with the highlight of the Blockchain industry being: a “pioneer” in the Venture Builder model- support for start-ups. Coming to the event, U2U will take advantage of the resources and resources available in our ecosystem, first of all, the U2U Foundation, as a pitching Partner, is ready to make an impact at WBS Singapore! Mr. Nguyen Trung Trang, Founder of U2U Foundation, and Mr. Cris D Tran, Executive Advisor, will be respected speakers at the event. At the event, Mr. Cris D Tran- Executive Advisor of U2U Foundation, along with other famous speakers at WBS Singapore, was sharing insights on the topic of "The Central Bank's Digital Currency". Central Government (CBDC): Meaning and Opportunities for Web 3.0". They're ready to drop some serious knowledge bombs and get the crowd excited, enlightening, and broadening their horizons.

If you are curious about Web 3.0 for Business: Opportunities and Challenges in the Decentralized Economy, you can follow detailed information at

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