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Partnership For The Next Big Things: Unicorn Ultra Network x Klaytn Foundation

Unicorn Ultra Network (U2U Network) is officially partnering with Klaytn Foundation — A non-profit entity tasked with driving the global adoption of Klaytn, a global Layer 1 blockchain platform.

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U2U Network is a DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) based and EVM-compatible chain focused on providing infinite scalability and decentralization on demand. U2U Network is committed to delivering robust solutions for real-world applications and aspires to be the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs.

Helios Consensus — the backbone of the U2U Network — offers up to 500,000 TPS with only 650 ms transaction finality time, and aBFT consensus with major layers protection dPOS, PoET, PoR and TEE efficient guarding against attacks. Multi Sharding Mechanism, Subnets Technology, and OstracismVM are the elements that showcase our commitment to adaptability, efficiency, security, and scalability.

Developed by Kakao, a prominent IT corporation in Korea, Klaytn stands as a global Layer 1 public blockchain, envisioned to fuel the on-chain world of the future. Boasting the lowest transaction latency among top blockchains and delivering enterprise-grade reliability, Klaytn offers an unparalleled, developer-friendly environment. This platform ensures an effortless and seamless interaction for both users and developers. Since its launch in June 2019, Klaytn has been propelling the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, supporting a diverse range of applications from DeFi to real-world assets, the entertainment and gaming sectors, and notably, the Bank of Korea’s CBDC pilot project. Furthermore, Klaytn is also known as a prominent partner of the Japanese tech giant GMO Group, Indonesia’s Innovation Factory, NFT marketplace East NFT, U.S.-based entertainment group Animal Concerts, fintech accelerator F10, Coin98, etc.

The Klaytn Foundation came into existence in 2020, intending to streamline decision-making and foster the integration and progression of innovative technologies. This initiative reinforces Klaytn’s commitment to being an open-trusted, enduring blockchain infrastructure, serving both developers and users. Presently, it distinguishes itself as one of the only globally competitive Web 3.0 ecosystems developed in South Korea, having achieved over 1 billion transactions through more than 300 decentralized applications.

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Acknowledging Vietnam is a market full of potential, with a rapidly growing community of passionate developers, and as prominent Asia-based tech companies, U2U Network and Klaytn are excited to announce our entrance into a partnership to contribute to a robust Web3 community in Vietnam and beyond.

U2U Network, with its groundbreaking one-stop solution for real-world application, is set to amplify its impact through this partnership with Klaytn, a platform with extensive influence and a range of high-profile partnerships in the blockchain industry. This collaboration underscores a shared vision of empowering the developer community, with plans to launch a series of online and offline activities aimed at strengthening the developer ecosystem in Vietnam, thereby providing critical support and resources to local and regional Web3 projects. The combined expertise and resources of U2U Network and Klaytn Foundation will offer unparalleled support to Vietnamese Web3 projects.

The partnership’s scope extends beyond Vietnam, aiming to offer substantial assistance to blockchain projects throughout Asia. This initiative reflects both organizations’ commitment to nurturing a robust and inclusive blockchain ecosystem in the region. U2U Network’s involvement in this partnership is crucial. With its advanced technology and expertise in scalability solutions, U2U Network adds immense value, enhancing its visibility in the Web3 world and solidifying its position as a leader in infinity scaling solutions for real-world applications.

This collaboration not only serves as a testament to U2U Network’s innovative one-stop solution and strategic approach but also highlights our potential growth among leading names in the community. It marks a significant milestone in our journey toward developing and contributing to the future of the Web3 community in Vietnam and across Asia.

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In conclusion, this strategic partnership between U2U Network and Klaytn Foundation is a major milestone, which is expected to have positive impacts on a more secure and developed future. We are excited about this partnership and confident that together, we will drive the digital future-forward, both in Asia and beyond.

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