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Partnership For The Next Big Things: U2U Network x 2024bullrun

Unicorn Ultra Network (U2U Network) is officially partnering with 2024BULLRUN - A leading Web3 Marketing Agency that stands distinctively at the forefront of the Web3 marketing evolution, bringing together a dynamic Association of Web3 Professionals dedicated to reshaping the way projects achieve marketing objectives. 

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U2U Network is a DAG-based and EVM-compatible blockchain focused on revolutionizing real-world applications with infinite scalability and decentralization on demands. U2U Network facilitates complex, high-performance decentralized applications with unmatched security and efficiency, as well as is committed to delivering the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs.

Meanwhile, unlike traditional marketing agencies, 2024BULLRUN is a leading Web3 Marketing Agency that champions a unique approach, fostering direct collaboration between Web3 influencers and projects. This methodology empowers projects to form closer relationships with influencers, ensures transparent payments for influencers directly from the project, and positions 2024BULLRUN as a trusted professional for negotiations on behalf of the project.

By partnering with each other, U2U Network and 2024BULLRUN aim to usher in a new era of strategic development and support for startup projects within the U2U Network's portfolio and the various accelerators and incubators it sponsors. 2024BULLRUN will serve as a vital strategic resource, providing expert guidance and essential services to these burgeoning projects. With 2024BULLRUN joining forces with U2U Network as a strategic resource, the startups under U2U Network can get extra support in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving Web3 landscape more effectively.

In the spirit of mutual support and cooperation, both 2024BULLRUN and U2U Network commit to bolster each other's marketing efforts. This symbiotic relationship will amplify our reach and impact across the Web3 and Blockchain communities, especially with 2024BULLRUN’s connections with 20+ Web3 clients across SEA & MENA regions. Furthermore, U2U Network will proudly display the 2024BULLRUN logo, showcasing it as a key partner. This gesture is a testament to the strong bond and shared vision between our organizations. Moreover, U2U Network will actively announce and celebrate this partnership within its community, spreading the word about this exciting new collaboration. 

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Together, U2U Network and 2024BULLRUN are set to create a formidable force in the Web3 and Blockchain space, fostering innovation, supporting groundbreaking projects, and driving the industry forward into a bright and prosperous future.

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