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The Unforgettable Kick-Off Event of the U2U Spring Hackathon

On 18th January 2024, the U2U Spring Hackathon Kick-Off Event, held at the AWS Office, Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the relentless spirit of tech enthusiasts. Participants and guests had a great time mingling, sharing ideas, and gearing up for the challenges ahead. 

As a prominent blockchain-based enterprise in Vietnam, U2U Network has always wanted to establish a "playground" for startups to showcase their innovative ideas, skills, and talents. Now, the vision has become a reality with U2U Spring Hackathon.​​ U2U Network started the year 2024 with U2U Spring Hackathon - 82k prize pool, sponsored by AWS,  the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. 

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With many esteemed names such as CyberScope, Klaytn Foundation, CMC Telecom and more than 100 media partners, U2U Spring Hackathon is one of the most anticipated events of the opening of 2024. This is a platform for startups from around the world to learn from the experts of the leading blockchain and Web3-based enterprises, to showcase their ideas and projects as well as get a chance of owning the total prize pool of $82k to further develop their projects in the future. 

Through this Hackathon, U2U Network aims to onboard +500 devs in SEA, and +50 high-quality projects in 2024 with the series Hackathon to support and develop the Web 3 industry across Asia and the globe.

The opening of the Kick-Off Event was the keynote speech by Mr. Luu Tran, CTO of U2U Network. Mr. Luu Tran's speech emphasized the Infinite Scaling Power of U2U Network, showcasing the capability and the potential of infinite scaling solutions of U2U Network for real-world applications. 

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The follow-up was the presence of Mr. Le Thai Duong - CEO of U2U Venture Builder, to discuss how U2U VB supports startups. His address also included an overview of the hackathon's rules, offering clarity and excitement for the U2U Spring Hackathon ahead.

Moreover, Mr. Dang Tuan Thanh, Technical Unit Director at CMC Telecom, provided an interesting speech on CMC's journey in elevating startups within the Web3 landscape. His talk highlighted the company's pivotal role in the tech ecosystem.

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Adding to the enthusiastic atmosphere, Mr. Luc Tran, Account Manage Startup of AWS, took the stage and discussed how their cutting-edge solutions are empowering the Web3 ecosystem. His keynote emphasized AWS's commitment to innovation and support for emerging technologies.

The event culminated in a dynamic panel discussion featuring representatives from U2U Network, AWS, Memetaverse, and CMC Telecom. The discussion explored the synergies between blockchain and cloud computing, highlighting collaborative efforts for scalable solutions. 

The networking session that followed was abuzz with discussions about the potential and developing future of Web3 and the blockchain industry. Veteran tech experts and young innovators alike shared their insights, making it a melting pot of ideas and collaborations.

The Kick-Off Event set the tone for the U2U Spring Hackathon and left a lasting impression on everyone present. It was a night where the future of technology felt closer than ever, a night where innovation wasn't just discussed but vividly brought to life.

As participants left the venue, the U2U Spring Hackathon became the most anticipated competition with insightful knowledge and sharings from top experts of U2U Network, AWS, and CMC Telecom, as well as an attractive prize pool of $82.000. 

The Kick-Off Event has ended and set a potential future for U2U Spring Hackathon. 

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