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Solar Adventure: The Start of A New Chapter

A brand new era is coming on its way to the U2U Network and the first stop is the Solar Adventure, a thrilling adventure full of surprises.

U2U Network is a DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) based and EVM-compatible chain focused on providing infinite scalability and decentralization on demand. 

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Helios Consensus - the backbone of the U2U Network - A peak of 500,000 TPS with sharding enabled on our development network stress-test, 650ms transactions finality time, and aBFT consensus with major layers protection dPOS, PoET, PoR and TEE efficient guarding against attacks. Multi Sharding Mechanism, Subnets Technology, and OstracismVM are the elements that showcase our commitment to adaptability, efficiency, security, and scalability. 

We are committed to delivering robust solutions for real-world applications and aspire to be the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs.

As U2U Network is coming into a new journey, the Solar Adventure marks our initial step in guiding you through an Adventure of upcoming releases, starting with the U2U Super App. Solar Adventure is our brand new campaign that sets the foundation for the further journey, in which everyone can join, complete simple tasks, and receive exclusive NFTs in the Solar Adventure Series

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As we unveil each new product in the U2U Network, participants will discover a new NFT Planet. The adventure intensifies as you collect all the Planets in the Solar System, unlocking a brand-new Universe filled with unanticipated adventures. Securing these exclusive NFTs is crucial, as they are key to accessing further thrilling activities in the Solar Adventure.


How to join the Solar Adventure: 

Join the Solar Adventure within 3 simple steps: 

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  • Download U2U Super App

A detailed guideline of the Solar Adventure will be provided soon! So stay tuned to have the latest news on the journey! 

As U2U Network officially launches the Solar Adventure, we open the doors to a realm of new adventures and boundless opportunities. This marks not just the beginning of an exciting journey but also a gateway to endless possibilities within the U2U Network. We invite each one of you to step into this vibrant universe, where every task completed and every NFT collected leads you closer to uncovering the wonders of the cosmos. Embrace this opportunity to embark on an adventure like no other. 

Stay tuned, as the Solar Adventure is just the first of many thrilling escapades we have in store for you. Let's set forth on this extraordinary journey together and unlock the full potential of the adventures that await!

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