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RECAP AMA 01: The Secret Behind U2U Chain's Team & Technology

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming #AMA session with the theme: "The Secret Behind U2U Chain's Team & Technology"

ama 01

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[RECAP] AMA 01: The Secret Behind U2U Chain's Team & Technology

Introduction & Participation Stats

✅Over 23K listens.

✅Attained 11.2K hits, 


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The 5 best questions were chosen with $50 reward total.

Host & Guest Introduction:

Hosted by Phuong Anh.

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Guest: Austin from Unicorn Ultra, a Layer 1 blockchain.

U2U & Hashgraph

recap ama 01

U2U chain layer-1

U2U is the second layer-1 globally to utilize Hashgraph technology.

Hashgraph supports enterprise-level applications, including data management, gaming, DeFi, and supply chain management.

Advantages of U2U's Hashgraph Technology:

Uses Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and the Inter-ledger Protocol (ILP).

Can handle up to 500,000 transactions/sec.

Block latency of 350-500ms; transaction finality time of 250-850ms.

U2U Team Overview

Approximately 150 members, mostly developers.

Significant resources are dedicated to developing the hash graph technology and internal applications.

Founders include personalities from the Bmoon network and Timebit OTC in Vietnam.

Current Developments & Future Plans

U2U's Testnet 2 was recently launched.

The beta version of the mainnet will be launched on August 26th.

U2U is positioning itself as a solution provider for enterprise and governmental blockchain adoption.

Upcoming milestones: U2U coin listing on major exchanges, strategic partnerships, community growth campaigns, and the integration of various decentralized apps.

U2U's Challenges & Advice for the Community

u2u social

U2U's social channels

The main challenge is unpredictable market conditions.

New users are encouraged to join U2U's social channels and research through the U2U website for updates and rewards.

Closing Remarks

Austin expressed gratitude for the community's interest and urged them to stay connected via Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

This recap captures the essence of the AMA, summarizing the key points discussed during the session.

Here are 5 questions from Users that have been selected for gift giving

recap ama

5 questions from Users

1. What are the primary utilities of the U2U coin, and how does it compare to coins like Ethereum or BNB?

Answer: The U2U coin is a Layer One utility coin and possesses utilities similar to Ethereum or BNB, which include managing transactions, staking, and governance. The coin's utility and demand will naturally rise as more projects are integrated into our network

As more projects are built on your network, how will that impact the utility and demand for the U2U coin?

Answer: The utility and demand for the U2U coin will naturally increase as we onboard more projects to our network. Our community and users will benefit from the enhanced functionalities brought by these new projects.

2. How should users participate in the campaigns Testnet Nebulas, especially regarding the activation process?

Answer: To actively participate in the campaigns, ensure you have set up your wallet and transferred coins into your account. This process is free. Stay updated on our campaigns through our Telegram and Twitter channels to participate promptly.

3. How is U2U Chain planning to onboard more users and projects to its platform?

Answer: We are participating in cryptocurrency events primarily in Southeast Asia, like Vietnam Blockchain Week and the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore. We're actively seeking projects to integrate with our platform. Additionally, our foundation provides grants and investments to promising projects, coupled with developer support and advisory to ensure successful project launches.

4. Can you elaborate on the security features of U2U's technology, especially with regards to Hashgraph, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and Inter-ledger Protocol?

Answer: U2U Chain uses Hashgraph technology, enhancing its security features. We have integrated Zero-Knowledge Proofs, which ensure a statement's truth without revealing any additional information. Furthermore, the Inter-ledger Protocol allows for secure payments across various ledgers. This architecture bolsters our platform's security and interoperability.

To re-watch the AMA session, please visit this link for more details:

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