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Co-produced by Blockx Network, Umbala Labs, DTS Group, Unicorn Ultra

Time: 18:00 - 21:00, August 28, 2023

Location: HCMC.Register to join Premium Founder Club at APAC!

After days of waiting, the event "Space Launch: Speed Dating" was also held with a great reception from users. It is a suitable series of events for co-founders and investors to discover together a new land for cooperation and investment.

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At this event, experienced global advisors from the blockchain industry will participate as mentors to support new investors and even founders. This is a great opportunity for everyone to exchange experiences in this field. Additionally, the event stays true to its core criteria of discovering and finding "soul friends" - unmatched founder-friendly sponsors with flexible terms.

It was the presence of special people and careful investment that the event took place successfully. Let us look back at the event with U2U with the most highlights!

Overview of the topic "The founder's vision is to limit the scope of an enterprise"


Representing U2U, Mr. Le Thai Duong - CEO of U2UChain Venture Builder - participated in the event as a speaker at Speed Dating. When discussing "limiting the scope of a business", Mr. Duong shared some valuable insights. From the perspective of Venture Building, in addition to the founder's vision, an important factor that cannot be ignored is the technical issue (technical background and the ability to accept new things). Additionally, there is an equally important factor derived from subjective qualities, such as discipline, perseverance, and leadership. Founders must pivot with their businesses to adapt to change, and often, visions will emerge when founders attain certain results with their startups.

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Mr. Le Thai Duong - CEO of U2UChain Venture Builder - participated in the event as a speaker at Speed Dating

So how to find Co-Founders?

Interestingly, Mr. Duong humorously compared the process of finding a Co-Founder to finding a romantic partner and getting married. However, it is important to emphasize that finding a suitable Co-Founder requires careful selection and consideration of the reality of the project. This always requires seriousness and a process.

You can start by looking for potential Co-Founders among friends, colleagues, and close relationships. This way, you can easily find someone with similar direction and goals. Then, suggest working together on 1 or 2 small projects for a period of 1-3 or 6 months to understand each other's capabilities and working styles. After that, you can start thinking about sharing benefits fairly and transparently with your project participants.

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After finding a Co-Founder, a common question arises about how to maintain a good working relationship and be called a "brother" in a startup. In a competitive environment like this, it can be challenging to maintain strong relationships, but it is still possible with effort and communication.

speed dating min

Mr. Duong humorously compared the process of finding a Co-Founder to finding a romantic partner and getting married

How to be called "brothers" in a startup?

In a startup or business, mutual respect is at the core of successful partnerships. In the past, there was a saying: "It doesn't matter who you are, what matters is who you know." However, in the current 4.0 era, "knowing" someone is not just about having each other's Facebook nicks or adding each other on social networking sites like Zalo, Linkedin, etc. It also requires a direct and sustainable connection so that both parties can develop a sense of empathy towards each other. Building this kind of connection is crucial when establishing new relationships, as it allows for love, care, and help when needed.

To achieve these goals, founders must create value and benefits for their partners who work together for a long time to overcome inevitable difficulties and challenges. This should be done in a way that avoids any one person having more power than the others, which can cause internal division.


Mr. Duong shared his personal entrepreneurial journey and addressed topics surrounding effective project connections and team coordination.

After a useful sharing session, Mr. Duong recounted his own entrepreneurial journey and discussed issues related to connecting projects and coordinating people effectively. These moments allowed our speakers to connect with everyone and find similarities in the problems they face, thus inspiring them to find their own solutions.

Finally, the question is raised here not every investor only looks at the Co-Founder

Investment funds for late-stage startups will focus more on generating profits through transactions when the project ends. The founder's capacity, as well as the coordination and balance of the operational process within the core teams, remain the core factors. However, leading technology and the ability to exploit potential markets are also important factors that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the success of the event depends on the useful sharing of information by the speakers and the warm reception of the participants. U2U is honored to cooperate and co-execute with partners to create such a rewarding event. We look forward to hosting more events in the future.

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